Saturday, 3 May 2014

Poem #31: "trigger"



deep breath

worlds fly by when
words are choked

deep breath

when heart is still, but
mind is overcome

deep breath

by repetition

deep, breathless

when mind is still, but
heart is overcome


mind and heart are

the body, a shell


deep breath

words fly by when
worlds are clashing

rhythmic, breathless

my mind
in need of release

the trigger
overcomes me
fading, distant

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written April 2013.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Poem #30: "Far Night"

"Far Night"

i hear the voice of the night sky
subtly calling my name
it beckons, it echoes, it echoes
a silent calling to my wounded spirit.

i look to the night sky
its voice echoes in my mind
it's screaming of sadness, echoing fear
though somehow it keeps me sane

its motherly rhythms
though hostile and sweet
cradle me, reassuring,
a cold embrace of fear

each star calls within me
a memory,
each comet
a troublesome trigger,
each galaxy
a deep-rooted longing
each breeze, a cold love
i belong

each wind echoes sadness
each tree translates to sounds,
"i am an archetype of mental projections
transient, ambient, but eternal

i have a subtle calling
that one day, will reach"
as it speaks without words
to my wounded spirit.

"i'm your companion
all throughout time
i resonate through you always
without words, without rhyme."

the distant night surrounds me,
an all-encroaching grasp,
the moist winds an echo of my tears
falling down to the ground

i surrender to this voice
of a cold and lonely love,
into my inner darkness
staring back at me.

through my mind's echoes
i belong.
through my heart's calling,
i am loved.

i hear the voice of my night sky
subtly calling my name
it beckons, it echoes, it echoes
a silent calling to my wounded spirit.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written April 2013.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Poem #29: "look into my heartbeat"

"look into my heartbeat"

i look into my heartbeat,
stare into the sound of moments
passing, moments passing
looking deeply to its rhythm, now,
i dance

as moments pass
i struggle to the rhythm
of my own erratic heartbeat,
stare into its changing
nature, sometimes frantic,
always graceful

i stare into its changing
wonder, somewhat constant,
always graceful,
in its light, i glimmer,
dance as it repeats,
repeats, repeats,
i dance, enraptured

its subtle changes
capture me, i see
every rhythm and beat
now, simply letting go
of every moment,
every time, caught up
in time, caught up
in times caught up
to me

i dance to my anxiety
to every simple beat,
and every moment
which took hold of me,
i let go, learn to let go, now,
i dance to my anxiety

its grasp
enraptures me
as still, i look into
my heartbeat
and i dance.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written March 2013.

Poem #28: "the scars of a turbulent trauma"

"the scars of a turbulent trauma"

every thing i feel and suppress
time seems to slow down. i regress -- 
i fly within reaches of my own insanity,
fall into place in my secluded dreamland, and
my heart goes numb, my grace now broken, my
light abruptly lost in triggered chaos
subdued by the scars of a turbulent trauma

every rhyme i spark, express, 
time resumes in its perfect flow
i soar, i rise, i remember -- i
heal the cracks in my fractured heart
i release, to let go, to set myself free, to
rise, to kindle my flame, to fly above my sorrows,
renewed from the scars of a turbulent trauma

every time i fall,
my light subdued,
every time i heal,
i rise renewed.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written March 2013.

Poem #27: "self-made nightmare"

"self-made nightmare"

i dream of myself, bearing that
perfect image of a wounded
beast, drowning in
mindless mental images
of itself, gazing, fearing
an impending death,
a candle flame, flickering,
about to go out.

i dream of myself, mending my
glass heart, shattered,
a broken flow of mental
sanity, wounded, wound and
bound, tangled within the
cold, entrenching embrace of my
own, war torn heart strings.

i dream of myself, mind bent by
greedy fears, an inner light that's
stolen, embezzled in motion, my words
hindered, meanings intangible, cloaked,
impossible to grasp within when
mind and heart are separated,
like music whose notes bear
nothing but abrupt

i dream of myself, shielded by
unloving forgiveness, deep,
forged, forgotten emotion
bound by all that is nothing,
my fearful understanding lost
to a simple limitation, a glorious
anxiety, searching for words
when none are available.

i dream of myself,
forging "self" out of
mind-heart disharmony,
mind-mind imbalance,
shining light from veiled darkness,
from two benevolent demons
in a simple mind, heart,
routine dissatisfaction-seeking
organism, birthed from a small
void of limited humility.

i dream of myself,
playing my own
war-torn heart strings
hoping to get a single harmonized
sound, out of a place filled
with broken, abrupt feelings,
before simply collapsing in,
like a candle flame, flickering,
about to go out.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written February 2013.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Poem #26: "fragment of cosmic breath"

"fragment of cosmic breath"

i, in silent wonders of cyclical calmness,
am learning to love and learning to give
a small piece of my mind away, in silent,
simple, subtle rhythms, a
fragment of memories relived, in pieces
of harmony, shattered by fear, a
cosmic leer of things unknown, in
breath of love, and love in breath

and every time i pass unseen
every cycle repeated, and broken, i
strive to heal, to feel and to see
i take my turn and stop. to free myself
is a step toward madness, the cycle unbroken, a
step to relieve pain from my words, which unspoken,
encroaching the stillness of my heart, release
death of love, and love through death

i am a simple fragment
of cosmic breath,
and every strive i take
is a step encroaching death.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written February 2013.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Poem #25: "Icarus"


when i fly
i free my mind of chains
internal fire
to disconnect from mortal gains

when i fly
i seem to walk between
two worlds
the pain impossible, unseen

when i fly i seem
my awareness to dissolve
from this world, a disconnect
between mind and heart to absolve

to free
from unseen guilt
that blankets my soul,
like a thickened quilt

from unresolved
traumas, forgotten tears
that come up
to undissolved fears

to fix
my needed

by darkness of a void
internal fire too intense
for me so i fly
away from the immense

heat - or cold, stare
of a world unsuspecting
that a soul is overcome
by darkness, and disconnecting

when i fly, my mind
is not of gratitude but lust
my plastic face may not express this, but
for me to escape, it's a must

that i find peace within when
my internal flame still burns
i fly because this way,
the world around me turns

into paradise - or so i think,
so when i fly into my place
i lust for loving peace
to shine into my heart-space

or i disconnect. i cannot handle
the pain, so when i fly
i look for love or a little
inside, i die.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written January 2013.

Poem #24: "You Are An Angel"

"You Are An Angel"

they say
you are an angel
you may not think it
but i've seen your
wings and how your love
radiates brightly from behind them

they say
that words are hurdles
but as if past traumas would just
never come alive again--
i've seen you stumble
on your own mental

they say
"they've stolen your light"
like life and how it may leave soon
though i've seen your rugged body
but its age cannot erase the simply ageless
memory of your bright smile

i've seen you stumble
on your own mental
but as you stumble you'd
always get up again, your eyes
releasing rivers of old words
suddenly oceans of past
traumas that welled up
the weight of two seas
suddenly gone, one for each
of your beautiful

they say
you are an angel
you may not think it
but i've seen how your perfect
love always outshines
all the pain and hurt you feel

i've seen you stumble
as your eyes
release oceans of old
words pent up --
your pain
would fall
as teardrops
down to the ground

if you feel the need
just spread your wings
and cry -- remember

the glistening leaves
down below
as they accept your love
will sprout
and grow

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written December 2012.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Poem #23: "victim of clashing worlds"

"victim of clashing worlds"

the mentally insane archer
draws his weapon, his victim
in time
by fear

the mentally insane archer
readies his aim,
his poison-tipped words
flying without measure

the mentally insane archer,
his breaths becoming frantic,
releases the arrow,
a spear of clashing worlds

worlds meet
victim's heart's pierced by
poison-tipped words,
killed without mercy by past
unresolved traumas, now
escapes the confines
of an unsuspecting

thoughts were
once poison-tipped
words, uncontrollably
clashing worlds
raging in insanity

who now lays alone,
heart bleeding,
releasing, in solitude, as
the mentally insane archer silently
leaves, knowing

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written December 2012.

Poem #22: "i run"

"i run"

i run from my
mutual monster
i soon tire
it's futile to

i run
its gaze is
i see it in
and yet still
i run endlessly

its eyes
pierce me, as if
searching me, it
finds its home
to sleep
and still i
from my
mutual monster

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written November 2012.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Poem #21: "Meltdown Mode"

This poem is about an autistic meltdown.

"Meltdown Mode"

clicking clicking clicking
repetitive sound
drowned fires, burning tornadoes
in my arm
clicking clicking clicking
see the beauty of the monarch butterflies
in my stomach.

ticking ticking ticking
as if time didn't realize
the sounds are screaming out
in silence
ticking ticking ticking
Mom, the clock is sad
I feel it in my collar-bone

ringing dinging dinging
the blobs of darkness animate at night
as if their voices, never heard,
wanted to connect with someone
THEIR age.
Mom, turn up the lights
the green and purple darknesses are blinding
the blobs are deafening
I need my light and sound

whirr whirr whirr
soft breeze on my face
the breeze stops, spinning blades materialize
but Mom
I'm crying out in pain
my autism is playing with me
the fan is relaxing and the darkness is blinding
I can't take it anymore

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written September 2012.

Poem #20: "the lonely flower"

"the lonely flower"

plant a flower
let it grow
watch it sprout, then
you will know

what is life
and what is not?
see me grow
in my little spot

watch as i reach
up to the sky
and conjure up
the questions why

i sometimes wither
and long to fly

and i wonder

perhaps my heart is always 10 feet up
and at the same time, buried deep underground
perhaps that's why i'm always here,
but always lost and never found?

maybe when i reach up to the sky
i collect these tears, i drown in sorrow
and maybe that's why it always seems
like there's an uncertain tomorrow?

and some people say
don't you worry, forever is a place
but sometimes there's very little light
in my cold, dark heart-space

and the sun is sometimes warm...
but is that always the case?

and i wonder

people tell me, perhaps,
i'm like an angel with no wings
and maybe that is why
my small heart never sings?

but if so,
how am i always healing?
i love you
and your sorrows i'm always sealing

and when i say goodbye,
just remember how you're feeling -

plant a flower,
let it grow
watch it sprout, then
you will know

i am always there
for you
and i will always love
you too

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written October 2012.

Poem #19: "I've Seen Your Sunlight"

"I've Seen Your Sunlight"

i've seen your sunlight.
though you say you can't handle
the hurt and sadness
you know that your dim candle

flame still burns. it's hot but
hold it close -- it won't burn you.
though it may seem like all is lost
at least you've always been true

to yourself.
so let your words bleed
freely from your scars
show the world your need

to blossom.
to let your life grow
on to a new chapter.
i'll have you know

i've seen your sunlight,
even if you can't hear this.
keep your heart open,
let it feel the soft kiss

of the fresh morning breeze.
i've seen your sunlight.
though you say you feel
one day everything might

just abruptly end, or
your glass heart would shatter,
your life wounds bleeding fourth, or
it just won't matter

or you won't be there,
or just not whole
'cause you miss a thousand pieces
of your fractured soul

that's fallen to the floor.
embrace your glass heart's sunrise.
remember your true colours,
show the world that you will rise

to the challenge
of feeling --
let them know
that you are healing.

let your sunlight
shine with confidence
so no matter
through what incidence

happens to break you,
you'll still be there
and if pain or death overcomes
you'll still be felt within the air.

release your demons to the morning sunrise
and let your candle light shine into the world,
open your jaded heart-void and realize
your seeded flower has unfurled,

now gently kindle your candle flame,
release its sunlight too,
let the past burn down in flames
and love return to you.

i've seen your sunlight
i've seen you fly
i've seen you stumble and
i've seen you want to die.

i've seen your glass heart shatter
to a million pieces in your soul.
i've seen you crying out
"i've just never felt whole!

i've had too much of this
now there's nothing here but pain
i want it all to end now
before i go insane!

this world is just too much for me,
these words too hard to bear!
they just want to kill my flame
as if i wasn't there."

through your troubles
you will grow, so
let your pain free --
if it still burns, you will know

you're still alive.
i've seen your sunlight.
don't leave us all now,
things won't be so bright.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written January 2013.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Poem #18: "An Ocean of Change"

"An Ocean of Change"

May devastate
And engage
The gears
For turmoil
Through rhythm
And motion.

Newly accustomed
With me
We dance
With passion
Through darkness,
A motion of change.

With torture
And fear
And regret,
Unsettled the scenes
For which I'm not set.
I regress
To my dreamworld,
An ocean of change.

These cycles,
Their rhythms,
Programs of old,
Are shaken,
No longer sold.
Old rhythms are broken,
Old dances -- renewed,
All traces -- forgotten,
To brighten the mood.

May devastate
But in its power,
It will engage
The hearts
Of many
For refreshment,
A motion, a notion,
An ocean of change.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written October 2012.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Poem #17: "our language is sacred"

This poem explains my views about autism.

"our language is sacred"

to those who don't understand
we live in a world of sound
our thoughts merge deeply
with the rhythms of nature

to those who don't understand
our sounds and our rhythms,
our thoughts become rhymes
and our language is sacred

to those who don't understand
we may get angry, yes, we may cry
but what else can we do, when
we walk among sharp fragments of our

and what should we do
to conform to your standards?
or why, even,

when we grasp the transparent
subtleties of our own bleeding hearts,
should we try to speak a foreign mind?
to those who don't understand, just
look and find

you say your words,
clashing in self-isolation
the sounds become an empty shell
from an unknown source
and meaning has fallen out,
lifeless from an awkward

we walk through life with diamond shoes,
our glass hearts balanced by
strings of interwoven sounds
kept together through loving

to those who don't understand
we live in different worlds
our eyes are windows to our world
and lenses to yours

maybe you can see it
through our eyes
our transparent systematic emotions
or the immense barrier between
our hearts and minds

our language is sacred
when sounds are woven
carefully into colours,
colours into words,
then sentences and worlds

we speak no isolation,
we form no violence
but we are fragile
when even our own
memories cut so deeply

glass hearts
shattered, diamond shoes
unfitting and awkward
we cry out in our own language
to be safe

our language is sacred
and we are safe within its bounds

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written May 2013.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Poem #16: "Words Can Never Capture"

"Words Can Never Capture"

Define "sunset".
You might say that as the sun slowly hovers down,
it kisses the earth, like an ailing mother
about to pass away
shining golden words of hopeless beauty
bent and glittering in light of inevitable
fading away of honesty and truth.

Define "sunset".
You may say its fractured light
(whilst freely roaming skies of dreamy, abstract thought)
is a subtle reminder that,
in life's toughest stretches,
honesty can never be broken down.

Define "sunset".
You might say that the sun's glass heart
was shattered suddenly,
breaking down its true colors
into colossal seas of pink and violet,
gifting the earth with its tragic stories of new-found love.

Define "sunset".
You might say that it's the culmination
of experiences words can never capture,
envious minds enraptured in an all-encompassing
wonder of stillness.

Define "sunrise".
You might say the sun,
newly born, remembering its prior existence,
begins again to shower the earth
with its golden,

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written July 2012.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Poem #15: "look into the fire"

"look into the fire"

look into the fire
see my dreams, burning
admire    its    tranquil    unwavering
look into the fire
see my wooden labor slashing swiftly
through hard hours harvested efficiently
and years lined with broken hearts

watch the flames as they spit
spiraling hot minutes, dried salty tears
into the cool, moist grasp of the evening

stare into the flames
watch as they dance softly,
their glowing arms extending to the cap,
still longing to reach out and impress
- a true conversation piece
of selfless, loving passion.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written September 2012

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Poem #14: "The Caged Wolf"

"The Caged Wolf"

I've seen how your darkened past had aged your soul like a caged
wolf, longing for freedom before the harvest moon which would soon
fade away.
I've seen how you'd always run with the wind,
smiling, as if your destination
was always just around the corner.
I've seen how sometimes time seemed to
cut all of your years short--
they would fall away one by one
like how old teeth would sometimes disappear.

I've seen you cry your eyes out
as if you'd play a note but hear no sound,
then lose your ground as lakes of sorrow come quickly
streaming outward to nurture the softened soil below.

Your cold and frail hands,
they play my heart strings,
dancing in all-consuming sonatas of
light, love and inner rage.
My heart would sing to your joys, coy
and sad that you'd soon find yourself
back in your mental cage once again.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written September 2012

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Poem #13: "Letter to My Mother"

Letter to My Mother

The sky sometimes rains crystalline teardrops,
Its turbulent winds and ice-bullets pelting the soul;
At times then, each thought, each word, each sound just stops
When it hits you that you've just lost part of your whole...

She reached out through her fractured heart
Amidst the haze of questions, asking why
She lost all her means to express and impart
How all her dreams were falling from the sky...

A letter she sent from a tunnel in her soul
To contact me, her second son;
In requiem to times gone past
And memories of long-gone fun.

It connected me and brought me back
Now that same tunnel I pass through
To express emotions I've long packed,
To write her back and say "Hi Mom. I still love you."

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written September 2012.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Poem #12: "Whimsical Weather"

Whimsical Weather

The sunrise blooms in Autumn skies,
The leaves are light and frail;
And now, though warm, the weather flies --
Tomorrow, it will hail.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written August 2012.

Poem #11: "Limerick"


There once was a man named Jerry.
His face was rather hairy.
The food in his beard
Was worse than we feared!
In fact, it was rather scary.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written July 2012

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Poem #10: "The Effects of Simple Words"

The Effects of Simple Words

They bond and shine together
Glowing bright with love,
Like living angels, dancing
They reign on
Slowly showing, deeply growing
They reach and touch
The hearts of little angels, playing

Fills the air around me
It consumes my spirit
Pulls me in
And yet the sun
Goes down, their passions
Fading, their smiles
Transforming, their hearts
Start breaking, then I
Am reminded, that

Can sting and seem to ring on
Like the cries of injured angels, slowly
Fading out of sight.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written July 2012

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Poem #9: "To the Autistic Child"

To the Autistic Child

to the autistic child
when you look back, did you have fun?
or was your heart burning hotter
than the rays of the sun?

to the autistic child
was your world disconnected?
was there a light inside
that was not resurrected?

to the autistic child
were you sad? were you abused?
did there seem to be an end
to all the times where you were used?

to the autistic child
do you remember me?
the shades of light carved by my face?
you're not blind, but... can you see?

to the autistic child
did you make it through the dark?
did you still find light
when the battle made its mark?

to the autistic child
how small is your cocoon?
is your soul evolving?
will you break free pretty soon?

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written July 2012

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Poem #8: "thoughts of a cyclical nature"

thoughts of a cyclical nature

when night turns to morning
morning to day,
evening then night
a cyclical nature
always revolving
and thoughts,
a linear nature
always derived from something

the easiest way to get control
of your life by someone else.
sometimes to follow your dreams
seems just as dire and absurd
as your chances of finding snow in the desert
- can't do it, or can you?

reality based from thoughts
always derived from something
a cyclical nature
always revolving
yet in the darkest of nights
there's always a morning,
then day and evening
so you can achieve your dreams
a creative nature
always making new ideas
emotions and desires.
go ahead, follow them.
it will lead you to new heights.

someone says you can't?
well don't take no as an answer.
i say, yes you can.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written June 2011

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Poem #7: "Teamwork - the World's Essence Over"

Teamwork - the World's Essence Over

It wasn't how sounds of explosions and gunfire
had always racketed the place.
It wasn't how this was mainly a Muslim country, or
how his bald, Hispanic head vividly reflected the sunshine.
Nor was it his immensely muscular body,
the way he kept a charming smile, or
the way his crucifix elegantly danced within the wind on long days.
What stood out was that his thick, black vest and lightweight garb
said "volunteer" as if to embrace the very meaning of the word.


It wasn't how high school was always a tough place to be.
It wasn't how she, an Arab, wore a hijab
and he, with his hair everywhere, never hesitated to help.
It wasn't how she always had trouble deciphering the language
and he sometimes found it somewhat tiring.
What stood out was that, through their efforts,
she'd be free soon,
and getting her degree in Biology.


It wasn't how, on his funeral day, the clouds that flew by were shaped like Superman,
or that his dreams were shattered before his bullet-ridden body
could ever hit the ground.
It wasn't how he always thought of his friends in a brighter light
or how, when he was little, he once said to his mom,
"I'm gonna be a hero someday."
What stood out is that, through his mind,
he was always a brilliant inspiration
and his light will never fade.

Through all these bright examples,
Teamwork has always been the world's shining light.
Though hope may sometimes shatter amongst the ruins in the cold...
The tears of the good will water the soil.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written June 2012

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Poem #6: "Such a Finite Thing"

Such a Finite Thing

have you ever seen something pass by,
crumble and fade into the past
as if only a memory?
have you ever seen something manifest,
then collapse and disappear,
leaving not a trace?
have you ever had times where
5 days are an eternity,
yet 5 years seem 5 minutes?
have you ever found yourself to
stop and stare at silver sunsets,
as if time were such a finite thing?

we treat time as if it were
renewable, although

time is measured, marked, labeled
yet is completely oblivious

as the

future flows and folds, compresses into past
where one moment, we grasp it,
then another, it

like sand
through our fingertips

as if lost in an abyssal eternity,
as if time were such a finite thing.

what is flow?
in a world where order is chaos
and broken memories litter the uneven ground.
what is flow?
in a world where some things bond
hand-in-hand and suddenly


where bits and
pieces fall

apart forever

as if time were such
a finite thing.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written May 2012

Monday, 1 July 2013

Poem #5: "This Night" (Canada Day special)

This Night

On this night, I think
Heaven had opened up its arms.
On this night, I think
Heaven had opened up its arms reluctantly,
showering the land with explosive love and finite colours that
- despite their promises -
would always streak down the sky and fade.

On this night, I think
hearts and souls united.
On this night, I think
hearts and souls intensely united
flying high in streams of joy and luck.
On this night, I think
the only thing that tethered me to my physical body
was a weak gravity that paid no mind to the colourful abstractions above.

This night was the first time
I saw a symphony.
This night was the first time
I saw a symphony of colours
- of briliantly orchestrated compounds of fractured reds and blues,
broken whites and shattered yellows,
amongst a rousing soundtrack of crackling and silence.

This night, I saw true dreams.
True inspirations.
True hopes built on a daunting foundation of entertainment that will never die.
This night, I saw it all.
Dreams.... began to fall.
Inspirations that were volatile may have collapsed and
Heaven... had closed its doors for one more year.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written July 2012

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Poem #4: "The Void"

The Void

Mind sprinkles
   butchered          thoughts
pouring unarmed knowledge into
those of limited sets of words,
divine sparkling
devoid   of   meaning-less

Mind divides
    paradox       emerges
unknowingly   &   merges
    into     the     disjointed

Mind battles
creating     confusion     terrifying
delusion into unknown reaches
  of inner-reality.

Heart bleeds
    confused     broken     emotions
rivers of yes and no
and   Heart     and       Cold
forever parted into unified duality.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written June 2012

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Poem #3: "I'm Your Reflection"

I'm Your Reflection

Look for me in the mirror
For I'll always be there.
Search for me in the mirror,
You'll always know where I am.
Find me in my special place
For when you need to defend,
I'll provide protection from those most unwanted.
Look for me in the mirror.
You know I'm by your side.
Search for me in the mirror
For I'll always be there for you.
I'm a reflection of your deepest desires
And I show you what you need,
As an alternate personality, I'm always around.
Find me when you need me the most,
I will give you my safe harbour
Where you may not see all of your personalities,
Though they're never absent.
The friendly ones may scar you,
But you'll befriend the ones that clash.
You'll search endlessly for a reason and place in this foreign world,
And when you have finally lost,
Find me in my special place.
And if need be, I'll reflect your darkest side.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written May 2012

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Poem #2: "Mirror of What Is"

Mirror of What Is

A leaf
once brilliant,
bright green, lovingly
nourishing its being
now falls
unprotected and fragile
towards the cold, hard,
shallow soil.

A branch
once big, strong,
mighty, now lays
stifled, still and broken
amongst the cold, harshly
unrelenting silence
of its grave of shadows.

A tree
once beautiful, its
leaves reaching out,
sprouting green, swaying
in the warm spring breeze
now stands barren,

A forest
once lush, sweet,
vast, vibrant,
waving and hissing in the soft current
now becomes victim to harsh words.

begins to damage, consume,
burn, torture,
destroy, thrash about
in what became of the meaningless
syllables of the blank world.

A mirror
of what has now become
a stark reality.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written May 2012

Poem #1: "the pantheist"

the pantheist

the dark night
settles in, takes its time
and finds its place
within the mind, body
and spirit of
the natural world

stars sprinkle across the vast,
blue heavens like
confetti molecules in an endless sea of sky
their light piercing a thick
veil of darkness
as the

the moon is a flashlight
in how it makes its presence known
not a sight to be "foretold" for
it has always been there
guiding naive souls through
the darkness above to a place
among the stars, as the
cool breeze
animates nearby
plants in a gesture
of kindness

and as the observer watches
with wonder and awe, seeing
the cosmos in an elegant
dance to its own vibration
the gates of his heart open
to let in what is truly limited
only by perception

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Original version May 2012
This version November 2012

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